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Our Annual Fall Fundraiser

Our Annual Fall Fundraiser

Bayside Youth Ballet is dependent on donations from the general public, corporate sponsors, special events and grants and has a cadre of volunteers to ensure the securing of capitol to:
  • support the presentation of new ballets to keep productions fresh and inspiring
  • replace and repair existing costumes and sets
  • expand production venues to include other demographic areas to serve more communities
  • increase summer intensives and master classes to further the training of dancers
  • assist dancers with the acquisition of pointe shoes
  • award college scholarships to graduating seniors


In a culture where sports tend to occupy the activity time of our youth, it is refreshing and invigorating to see them dedicate their time, instead, to the pursuit of the performing arts. Grace, beauty, technique, stamina and incredible physical fitness; Ballet brings it all together into one phenomenal package. Bayside Youth Ballet strives to bring the very best instruction to all of our students. Your generous donation to our non-profit organization will help to continue the good work that the dance company has brought to Eastern Virginia for over 20 years. Please consider donating today. Your donations are tax deductible and will help us bring the arts to you and to fellow members of this wonderful community for years to come.

 $1,000 to provide a college scholarship for 1 dancer, or 2 day work-shop for 5 dancers, or 1 week intensive for 3 dancers

 $ 500 to provide 1 week intensive for 2 dancers, or Master class for 20 dancers, or 2 week intensive for 1 dancer

 $ 300 to provide a Master class for 12 dancers, or tickets to professional performances for 6 dancers

 $ 200 to provide tickets to professional performances for 4 dancers

 $ 100 to provide dancewear for “at risk” dancers

 $ ___ Any Amount Will Help


Volunteers are crucial to the success of the programs and productions of Bayside Youth Ballet and play a major role in providing our organization with invaluable skills . Our volunteer coordinator will work with you to identify volunteer activities that work best for you, and at the same time, contribute significantly to our organization. We greatly appreciate all of the support given to us by volunteers.
  • Assist in the design, fitting and maintenance of costumes
  • Design/gather materials to construct props and sets
  • Organize trips and workshops
  • Design & produce information for website
  • Plan, organize & direct fundraising events
  • Organize & direct ad sales for performances
  • Development and implement community service projects for dancers to complete
  • Develop and implement community awareness programs
  • Photograph and record performances, rehearsals, community events
  • Design and produce marketing materials that increase awareness and visibility
  • Organize and manage Company social events, outings, celebrations


BYB is actively seeking funding to sustain and expand their education and outreach initiatives, including college scholarships, master classes and intensives for the dancers of the company as well as the Summer Dance Experience program that provides valuable arts experiences to the youth of our communities.  Each of our programs strives to enlighten and educate our youth on the beauty and benefits of dance.

BYB has been the grant recipient of:
  • 2014 Daffodil Foundation
  • 2015 Daffodil Foundation
  • 2015 J. Edwin Treakle Foundation
  • 2016 Gloucester Community Foundation
  • 2017 Mathews Community Foundation
  • 2017 J. Edwin Treakle Foundation
  • 2018 J. Edwin Treakle Foundation