Performing at the Gloucester Arts Festival

H4h 2019

Habitat for Humanity Fundraising Gala

Senior Center Facilities
As part of our training program, BYB dancers perform for area senior facilities in the surrounding area.  Our dancers are learning to master performing in various venues but, more importantly they entertain our senior members with grace and enthusiasm.  The interaction between the dancers and the seniors bring joy to both parties while continuing to contribute to our communities.

Dance in the Schools
Dance in the schools was very active in the past years and the company has reinstated this most popular outreach program.  Members of the company visit the scheduled venue and give a lecture/performance demonstration.  A student dancer gives an introduction to classical ballet beginning with its roots in the French Court dancing through current techniques and styles.   During the performance segment children from the audience are invited to come on the stage to participate in a simple dance.  The company dancers then perform segments from their current repertoire.

Parades and Festivals
BYB participates in the Gloucester and Mathews Christmas Parades, Guinea Jubilee Parade, and the  Gloucester Daffodil Parade.  Additionally, the dancers perform the May Pole dance at the annual May Faire Festival in Mathews the first week-end in May.