Things can seem so small living in a small town, but dancing with Bayside Youth Ballet has opened a whole new world for me and allowed me to experience a greater world. I owe my whole dance experiences to Mrs. Debbie and BYB.
— Kamilah Turner, Professional Dancer
Diggs School of Dance and BYB have been a wonderful experience for my granddaughter.  Teachers are knowledgeable, caring but also require discipline. Great qualities!
— Betty Hudgins, Grandmother of Aubrey
The adage it take a village to raise a child is exemplified as BYB members are encouraged to dream big, work hard, tackle challenges and know that you are loved for who you are by our peers and teachers.  BYB became an extension of my family: the dancers were my friends and sometimes felt like sisters.  There are difficult and various pressures on teenagers; dancing during these formative years gave me a purpose to keep my mind and body healthy.  Mrs. Debbie told us “We only get this one body.  We must take care of it so that it will last.”   Dancing with BYB built my self-confidence, communication, collaboration, stamina/drive, time management skills and more.  I owe much of my life’s successes to the foundation the BYB village supported within me. 
—Cory Richardson Allen, National Board Certified Elementary Teacher